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The Molyneux Organization was founded in 1988 as a Mint of Muse companies inspiring and empowering through entertainment.


Molyneux Entertainment™ is a comprehensive entertainment production company that provides turn-key creative services for casinos, hotels, cruise ships, themeparks, television, theaters, campaigns, star name acts and corporations worldwide. Since 1989 Molyneux Entertainment™ has been successfully producing dreams from concept, to creation to completion on time, on budget and with exceeded expectations. Molyneux artfully and efficiently crafts each dream into a tangible product that entertains and shows a positive return.

At Molyneux Entertainment, we take great pride in our productions and the people who help create them. We truly appreciate those who experience them. We dream on demand, create on cue and produce on point because we are passionate about the innovation, production and management of live entertainment. We love what we do.

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The Show Doctor works with performing and recording artists, record labels, management companies and agencies to maximize live and recorded performances, show operations and brand objectives. 


The Show Doctor specializes in customized performance coaching and comprehensive show design services for the seasoned pro and those who want to be.


The Show Doctor provides the most powerful drug in the industry... AWARENESS.


Knowing how you look, sound and are perceived instead of thinking you know how you look, sound and are being perceived maximizes results and sustains a long, successful, and prosperous career.  

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BITE is a Las Vegas review show with Classic Rock and Vampires! BITE opened on Friday the 13th and ran for 6 nights a week, 52 weeks a year for nearly 9 years. 


BITE drives along at a blazing speed by a high-octane soundtrack with over 40 of the world’s greatest Classic Rock songs. BITE has human flying, live singing, audience participation, martial arts, gymnastics, magic, contortion and some of the best dancing and choreography in all of Las Vegas. BITE is sexy, powerful and lots of fun.


The Neux Vieux Technology allows you to customize your Live Entertainment Experience in Real Time. Choose your seat, change your environment, see what your favorite athlete or performer sees, change what they are wearing or add another layer of enjoyment by watching their performance with digital overlays of stats, news or lyrics... all in Real Time as you watch them on your device from anywhere in the world! The Molyneux Neux Vieux Technology Patents allow you to do it. 

Neux Vieux is the Neux Way to Vieux Entertainment.


The Global Leader in Technology, Content and Management of interactive 3D and Holographic Productions. Live performers interact with holograms, creating out of this world experiences. 

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ALL IN compares the game of poker with the game of life. This is a story about the final nine players in the world's largest poker tournament. The players represent the microcosm of America. Each of their "real life" stories are told through "songs about poker" that explain who they are, how they got to the final table and what winning means to them.

ALL IN is fast paced, witty, sexy and fun. It is chock full with double entendres and suggestive situations while allowing the poker/life songs and analogies to tell the story. ALL IN's music is a varied as the different characters themselves, showcasing a mix of styles ranging from pop, country, rock, blues, jazz and musical theater.


Tim Molyneux created The Vault Theater and began pitching the dreams to Las Vegas and the world in 2005. 


The Vault Theater is a spectacular, multi-dimensional theater immersed in 3D video screens. The ceiling, walls and floors are all video screens with secret compartments that allow performers to interact with the audience, holograms, virtual and augmented realty worlds. 


Imagine a Planetarium that is 360 degrees and you are floating in the middle of it while real humans are flying over your head fighting against holographic creatures from your favorite video game with gusts of percussive wind rushing past you as virtual bombs explode all around you. Yes, this is as real as it gets. Movies, video games and mind blowing theatricals come to life. 

This is the Molyneux Vault Theater.

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Words matter. What you say can kill. Can heal. Can deliver from evil or right to your door. Molyneux Lyric is a wordsmith with passion, power and persuasion.

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Tim Molyneux is a creative writer, composer, and entertainment producer who is also a professional actor and singer. He has been creating, performing and running entertainment businesses for over 40 years.

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