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"I have had the opportunity to work with Tim Molyneux and found him to be one of the most talented and giving people I've ever worked with in my many years of show business. Tim is creative, fun and attentive not only to the work but to the artist as well. All of the people at Molyneux Entertainment are equally as precious."

~ Dolly Parton

Multiple Grammy, Tony and Oscar Award Winner

"Tim Molyneux knows Las Vegas and knows what the people want. He is a hip guy that is extremely creative but understands that fine balance between his artistic/creative side and mass appeal entertainment. He's not afraid to take chances and has proved himself time and time again by consistently creating successful products. You can't have a show on the Las Vegas strip for over eight years unless you are doing something right. At the end of the day...if Tim Molyneux makes will make money.

~ Mark Massimino

Entertainment Director, Stratosphere Hotel and Casino, Arizona Charlie's Las Vegas and Aquarius Laughlin

"I hope we can call on you (Tim Molyneux) when we need the 'perfect' representative for our city."


Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce


"When the mega ships with the 1,000 plus seat state-of-the-art theaters were introduced, Molyneux Entertainment stepped to the forefront of the industry. The Molyneux productions are innovative and have a universal appeal that is so crucial in the cruise ship markets. When we want a company who is not only extremely creative, but has proven track record of quality execution, we call Molyneux Entertainment. I always enjoy working with Tim Molyneux and the Molyneux team."

~Dennis Sciortino

Entertainment Manager Cunard, Queen Mary 2


"Your production has set the standard for all NCAA fundraising programs…The sum total of your contributions may exceed that of any undergraduate ever to enrich the fabric of the University." You have already earned your place as a major contributor to the well-being and development of your alma mater."

~Executive Director

Seminole Boosters, Florida State University


"Molyneux Entertainment was a great asset to the Playboy 50th Anniversary Club Tour. Not only did they create beautiful and fun costumes for our models on the Tour but they did so within a very limited timeframe and were extremely professional to work with. As well, they helped us find a replacement for one of our models who had to leave the Tour suddenly. The women we hired to work on the Playboy Club Tour from Molyneux Entertainment were hard working, responsible and a pleasure to work with. We would definitely work with Molyneux Entertainment again!"

~Megan Murphy Bergin

Marketing Manager, Playboy Enterprises, Inc.


"Mr. Molyneux has been one of our best representatives of and for our university. "... (H)e (Molyneux) is an exceptional individual and talent…one of the most capable and versatile (that) I have experienced in my 14 years as a university president."

~Dale Lick

President, Florida State University

"I have had the pleasure of working with Molyneux Entertainment since 1996. Tim Molyneux and his team of talented entertainment professionals consistently have succeeded at taking dreams and visions from concept to creation and produced innovative, cutting-edge, universally-appealing entertainment concepts and productions. Molyneux produces on time, on budget and the final product always exceeds expectations."

~Bret Bullock

Vice President, Entertainment Crystal Cruises

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